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    A modern Design & Manufacturing company based in Denmark, DAN-FORM creates furniture in Scandinavian designs with a global twist.

    DAN-FORM Designs

    We are inspired by beautiful designs that add a visual and functional value to everyday life. We spot tomorrow’s trends and translate them into our designs, and we continuously introduce new models and designs.

    We aim to add that ‘little something extra’ to all our designs; a decorative stitching, elegant, conical legs, a beautiful material or a distinct design feature.








    With more than 25 years of experience in interpreting trends into popular designs,
    DAN-FORM is a trusted supplier for retail & contract customers.

    New 2020 Designs

    Pre-order for SS2020

    In January we introduced our SS2020 news, available for pre-orders now. See the exciting Scandinavian designs by Danish designers, and new fabric colours in our News Catalogue.


    Fast growing company

    We are so proud that DAN-FORM was awarded a B?rsen Gazelle in 2019 for our high growth over the past 4 years.

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